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id 3 bet pre, but if i didnt, i would probably raise the flop, if i didnt raise the flop id probably raise the turn.
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Old Oct 15, 2009, 3:14pm   #12
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Hey guys,

really good responses and thanks to everyone for that. 3-betting pre is obviously possible too and I do that some of the times. Imho I think the flop call or raise is probably both fine: either giving him more rope or raise and level out some of the bluffs I could make in such situations. On the river I might've missed some value, I'm not sure, especially since I have a hard time seeing what possibly calls a raise on the river after such action on such a board. Then again, I've seen some other stupid things too, so it depends on the range of hands my opponent is holding.

And that actually was the main question: what range of hands can I put someone on that 3-barrels on such a dry board OOP in a blindsplay? So we've had other Ks (K8+?), some QJ/JT hands (amazing instinct, killcrazy, that was exactly what was going on!), something else? i.e. are pairs included or would they just barrel twice and cc river. Is there a big bluffing percentage?

And to answer Miser's question: if the bet would've been bigger on the river (something like $40) then, yes, I think I still have to call, although I wouldn't really like to do it. Maybe raising the flop or at least the turn is better as it gives me an easier spot on the river... although geez, if he hits a FH blind on blind like that, it's kind of a bad beat isn't it.
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