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Default POY Schedule

Pokertips Player of the Year

All are welcome in the tournaments

Click here for the leaderboard

  • There will be 2 tournaments per month. Rounding off with the Main Event
  • Tournaments are held on PokerStars, at 15:00ET on Sundays or Saturdays
  • These are friendly tournaments (although very honorable) - keep the chat nice
  • Points are distributed according to the Expopcorn/MikkeD system
  • Most points over all tournaments wins the POY title and an avatar/signature made by me
  • Tournaments are a mix of different poker variants - here is your chance to try them out in an friendly environment
  • 3 people must enter an event to make it count
  • Buy-in is always $5+$0.5
  • Password to the tournaments will always be "pokertips" (without the quotes)
  • I'm the ruler and judge. Your mom can't help you on the internets and I will be looking at you
  • Winning an event gets you a ticket to the prestigious "Tournament of Champions" where you'll play all the other winners.
  • TOC is played as the last tournament of the year
  • Tournament ID's will be announced ahead of each tournament. Announcements will be made in the Pokertips Lounge and Poker Allgemein.
  • Schedule and leaderboard will be available here
  • All are welcome - lurkers, regulars, trolls, losers, fools, winners, men, women, Ozone, young, old, green, yellow .. you get the picture

The schedule:
Event 1: No Limit Hold'em (November 29th, 2009)
Event 2: Fixed Limit Hold'em (December 5th, 2009)
Event 3: Pot Limit Omaha (January 2nd, 2010)
Event 4: Fixed Limit Omaha 8 (January 17th, 2010)
Event 5: Fixed Limit Razz (February 6th, 2010)
Event 6: Fixed Limit Stud (February 21st, 2010)
Event 7: No Limit Hold'em (March 6th, 2010)
Event 8: Pot Limit Five Card Draw (March 21st, 2010)
Event 9: Fixed Limit 2-7 Triple Draw (April 4th, 2010)
Event 10: HORSE (April 18th, 2010)
Event 11: 8-Game (May 1st, 2010)
Event 12: Fixed Limit Badugi (May 16th, 2010)
Event 13: No Limit Hold'em (June 5th, 2010)
Event 14: Fixed Limit Hold'em (June 20th, 2010)
Event 15: Pot Limit Omaha (July 3rd, 2010)
Event 16: Pot Limit Omaha 8 (July 18th, 2010)
Event 17: Fixed Limit Razz (August 7th, 2010)
Event 18: Fixed Limit Stud 8 (August 15th, 2010)
Event 19: No Limit Hold'em (September 4th, 2010)
Event 20: Fixed Limit Five Card Draw (September 19th, 2010)
Event 21: Fixed Limit 2-7 Triple Draw (October 2nd, 2010)
Event 22: HORSE (October 17th, 2010)
Event 23: 8-Game (November 6th, 2010)
Event 24: Fixed Limit Badugi (November 21st, 2010)
Event 25: No Limit Hold'em - ME (December 4th, 2010)

Tournament of Champions: NLHE December 19th, 2010.

Did I forget something or make any mistakes? Comments? speak now or be forever silent.

Good luck

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