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Aria is home to the newest and arguably best poker room in Las Vegas. With 24 tables, it's not the largest room in the city. During peak hours, this can result in longer-than-usual wait times for a table. Aria is home to 'The Ivey Room', a private room with just one poker table that commonly spreads a $300/$600 mixed game. The decor and comforts extended to players are first class.

Game Availability
The most common game available at Aria is a $1/$3 no-limit game with $100/$300 min/max buy-in. Also running virtually around the clock is a $2/$5 no-limit game with $200/$1000 min/max buy-in. Aria offers one of the best bets for finding a pot-limit Omaha game in town during off-peak times; their $1/$3 game features a $200/$500 buy-in. Another fun game that often runs in Aria is a $12/$24 limit mixed game with a $120 minimum buy-in.

Aria offers two daily $100+$25 tournaments at 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm. These are generally among the most popular daily poker tournaments in Las Vegas with an average field size of around 70 players. First place prize in these events is typically in excess of $2,500.

This is a very comfortable poker room with plenty of TVs, a nearby sportsbook, nearby parking and restroom, and top notch food and cocktail service. They serve complimentary Fiji water as well as complimentary frozen fruit drinks. Everything in this poker room is state-of-the-art: there's free wifi, ability to phone-in to a wait list, automatic shufflers, and table-side food service. You could live at the Aria tables if you never had to sleep.

Aria's poker room staff is generally very friendly and helpful. They seem to place an emphasis on offering top notch customer service which is a big part of the reason why this room has grown to be so popular.

Aria awards $2 per hour in comps to a player's MGM Resorts M Life Card and $3/hour between 5 and 10 am. These comps can be spent like real cash for restaurants, rooms and shows at any MGM property. This is a very competitive comp and a major part of Aria's success as a poker room.