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Golden Nugget Review

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This is one of two poker rooms in downtown Las Vegas (Binion's is the other) that is worthwhile. It's a pretty unique poker room for a few reasons. They have 13 tables in a fairly cramped room. The games here can tend to be softer than average probably due to the clientele that tends to frequent downtown (older folks less prone to being aggressive or playing creatively). Their comp structure is a little different than how most poker rooms operate. Their $1/$2 no-limit game is also unique in that there is no maximum buy-in.

Game Availability
Golden Nugget offers a $1/$2 no-limit game with no maximum buy-in. This is a really unique offering as most no-limit games in Vegas have a capped buy-in. The games can get pretty crazy during the WSOP when you'll find people commonly buying in for $500 or more. There is also a $2/$4 limit hold'em game here running most of the time.

Golden Nugget runs $47+$18 tournaments literally around the clock every day of the week. It's the only spot in Vegas where you can find a poker tournament starting at 4:00 am. It's the poker room that never sleeps.

Aside from the cramped space between tables, Golden Nugget's poker room is pretty comfortable. The chairs are nice and the space is inviting. It's a surprisingly nice spot in downtown Vegas, an area not exactly known for its aesthetics.

The staff here makes a nice effort to make everyone feel welcome. They put more of an emphasis on remembering players' names than most poker rooms. Players are taken pretty good care of here.

Rather than the typical $x an hour added to your player card, Golden Nugget gives you a $10 food voucher after 4 hours of cash game play. This works out to $2.50 an hour in comps, which is a great deal, but you have to commit to playing for awhile in order to see any value.


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