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Mandalay Bay has a 10-table poker room next to one of the largest sportsbooks on the Vegas Strip. The room is a bit of a disappointment in what is otherwise a very nice casino. There's just nothing special about this poker room.

Game Availability
The most common game in this place is $1/$2 no-limit with a $100/$300 min/max buy-in. They will occasionally spread some other action, but this room doesn't attract too many locals prone to starting creative games. It's mostly just tourists playing boring no-limit.

Mandalay runs a ton of daily, low buy-in tournaments. The schedule is a little hectic and variable by the day, but in general this is a good place to find sub-$100 buy-in daily tournaments running throughout the day. As is typical such events in Las Vegas, the entry fee is astronomical relative to the total buy-in.

This poker room is pretty "meh" in terms of comfort. The chairs are just the standard four-leg, limited-cushioning type that get uncomfortable to sit on after a while. There's a wide-open feel to the poker room too that sometimes makes it feel like you're not really in a special, segregated part of the casino. There is also no WiFi or food service here. It can be hard to get comfortable playing in this room.

The staff has a reputation for being rather nasty to Vegas locals in hopes of deterring them from trying to grind in this poker room. As a result, the games here can tend to be a bit softer than average since there's a higher proportion of tourists. But an unfriendly staff can really detract from the overall enjoyment of a live poker experience.

Mandalay offers the standard $1 an hour comp to players which stays consistent with their philosophy of making sure their poker room is nothing special.