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Planet Hollywood has a new, 12-table poker room that is a really comfortable place to play poker. They did a nice job creating a great poker room in the wake of the casino's rebranding away from its former Aladdin namesake. Unfortunately, the action is pretty limited here to $1/$2 no-limit.

Game Availability
Planet Hollywood is one of several smaller poker rooms on the Vegas Strip that offer little more than $1/$2 no-limit. Their min/max buy-in for this game is $100/$300. The games here can be pretty good as the casino tends to attracting more of a partier element (think: drunk fish).

There are three daily tournaments at Planet Hollywood: a $50 buy-in at 10:00 am and two $70 buy-ins at 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm. As is typical of low buy-in daily tournaments in Vegas, the entry fee is huge for these events.

Planet Hollywood scores huge props for being a comfortable poker room. Their chairs are amazing and there are TVs everywhere making it a very conducive place to play cards while watching a game. The lighting, color theme, and decor of this room is also highly appealing.

The staff here is helpful and friendly. Since the poker room is fairly new, there seems to be a pretty large emphasis on customer service in hopes of building a solid reputation. Planet Hollywood offers a solid poker experience.

Players can get $1 an hour added to their Total Rewards card for participating in the cash games at Planet Hollywood.