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T.I. is a great little poker room with 8 tables that offers a very friendly experience to first-timers. They also have some great comp and rakeback promotions to entice players into their room which predominantly offers $1/$3 no-limit games. Players have reported issues with the competence of their floor staff however.

Game Availability
The most popular game at T.I. is $1/$3 no-limit with a $100/$500 min/max buy-in. A $2/$4 limit hold'em game can be found running here regularly. They will also spread some low-stakes mixed games on occasion when there is sufficient demand.

T.I. runs a $50 tournament four times daily at 11:00 am, 2:00 pm, 7:00 pm, and 10:00 pm. $13 of the buy-in is retained by the casino as an administrative fee, making the vig pretty astronomical. But these tournaments, which typically draw around 30 players, can be good for some cheap entertainment.

Playing poker is a comfortable experience at T.I. The small, cozy room has nice decor and comfortable chairs. Cocktail service tends to be pretty efficient here as there is usually one waitress dedicated to the small area.

The editor of this page once had an unfortunate run-in with the staff at the T.I. poker room in which an errant ruling was made during a hand. The incident resulted in a lowering of the staff grade for T.I. since they were less than professional in their handling of the incorrect floor ruling. Generally however, the staff at T.I. make it a pretty friendly place to play.

T.I. gives some incredible value back to players. Not only do you get $2 an hour comps on your T.I. card which can be redeemed at restaurants throughout the property, but they hold a weekly $2,500 freeroll for all players who log a minimum of 10 hours at the table. They regularly run other freeroll and rakeback type promotions. By incentivizing Vegas residents to play here a lot, the games can tend to be a bit tougher than average.