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This six-table poker room was recently remodeled and relaunched after having been closed down for an extended period. It's a cozy little space with a ton of TVs and some unique game offerings. It's a great poker room in one of the oldest standing casinos on the Vegas Strip.

Game Availability
Tropicana is trying to buck the trend of poker rooms their size offering only no-limit hold'em. While they do spread the typical $1/$2 no-limit game, you can also find a $4/$8 mixed game here and a $2/$8 razz game. They run a dealer's choice game on Saturdays. This makes it a fun place to find a unique poker experience.

Tropicana holds three daily tournaments at 10:00 am, 2:00 pm, and 7:00 pm. The buy-ins for these events vary between $35 and $130 depending on the day of the week.

This is an absurdly comfortable little poker room. They clearly placed a large emphasis on creating a nice space during the remodel. The room is nice with walls covered in flat-screen TVs. There's a lot of space and the chairs are as comfortable as one could hope to find. Free WiFi is available in the room as well.

Tropicana brought in some seasoned industry guys to run this new poker room. It's a well-oiled operation. Running a six table poker room isn't too tough in theory, and the veterans staffed at this facility to a tremendous job.

Players get $1 an hour in comps which can be redeemed at Tropicana's restaurants.