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Vegas Poker Comps

Almost every poker room in Las Vegas offers their players "comps" which is really just a form of rakeback or "valueback". There are two ways in which Vegas poker rooms take care of their players with monetary incentives: comps and special room rates.

Poker Comps

Poker comps are generally awarded based on time spent playing at the table. The standard comp in a live poker room is $1 an hour. This money is typically placed on the player's casino rewards card. It's important to make sure you sign up for a casino's playing card before participating in any of their gaming offerings if you wish to receive comps. The value can generally not be redeemed for cash. It can only be spent on food or merchandise at restaurants and shops within that casino.

Some poker rooms are more aggressive about awarding their players comps. For instance, Aria and T.I. give their players $2 an hour in comps. This extra value really goes a long way for players who make a living at the tables. Just 20 hours of playing live poker in a week at either of these casinos can net a semi-pro player $160/month in food credits to use in the casino. It's a nice little perk when you can pick up the check on a big meal with friends just from the hours you logged playing at the table.

One casino that deviates from this standard comping format is Golden Nugget. At this downtown property, players receive a $10 food voucher when they log four hours at the table. That's a pretty good poker comp from a dollars-per-hour standpoint, but it requires one to invest quite a bit of time prior to seeing any fruits. In other words, a three hour poker session at this casino will net you $0 in comps.

Special Room Rates

Most Vegas casinos have a "poker rate" on their hotel rooms. By committing to play a certain number of hours at the tables, they will give you a discounted price on your hotel room. These special room rates are usually never that great of a bargain. For example, a casino charging $149/night to someone off the street might give a poker player a rate of $99/night for committing to playing at least six hours a day in their poker room.

The reason these comps are not as large as comps for casino gamesis because casinos really don't make too much money off of poker players. Poker tables take up a lot of real-estate in the casino and require multiple staff members to run a game. Casinos profit far more from their slot machines, restaurants, and shopping offerings than they do poker which is why poker players are never really taken that good of care of in a casino. From the casino's standpoint, a poker player is relatively dispensable.


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