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The largest poker room in Las Vegas can be found at Venetian. They are able to host a number of popular tournament series throughout the year thanks to their staggering 52 table room. The tables are by no means packed together either. Space and comfort is a cornerstone of this poker room, as is the scent of soapy-perfume the casino sprays into the air. Many regard Venetian's poker room as the best in Vegas.

Game Availability
The $1/$2 no-limit games here are very popular and offer players the chance to buy-in for more than the standard 100 big blinds (a $300 max buy-in is permitted). They also will frequently run some $4/$8 and/or $8/$16 mixed games making them a great poker room for anyone looking for some unique action. Additionally, for anyone looking to play pot-limit Omaha, Venetian might offer your best bet at finding a game; their $1/$2 PLO game features a min/max buy-in of $200/$1000, so the game can play pretty high.

Venetian is the top poker room in Vegas for daily tournament offerings. They run events each day at noon and 7:00 pm. The buy-in for these events vary, typically between $120 and $150. On the weekends, the buy-ins get as high as $500 for the noon event on Saturday. Venetian also plays host to a number of tournament series throughout the year including the Deep Stack Extravaganza, a thrice-yearly series of approximately 45 tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $150 to $2,500. These events are incredibly popular for lesser-bankrolled players when the WSOP is running across town at Rio.

One small criticism of this poker room is that the room is so big if you are seated near the middle of it there can sometimes be poor access to a television. Live poker can be a boring grind at times, so it's nice to be seated closer to a TV. They spare no expense offering players complimentary Fiji water. You can even get Dr. Pepper and root beer in this poker room which is located just steps off of Las Vegas Blvd. Things can get kind of crazy when a DSE event is running as they start adding poker tables to the main casino area. The poker room offers free WiFi access.

The staff at Venetian is generally nice and helpful. They are used to dealing with a high volume of players and therefore tend to be pretty efficient at all times.

Players receive $1 an hour in comps which can be redeemed for any Venetian food service. At $2/$5 stakes and higher, $1.50 in hour in comps are awarded. Players also receive a $10 food voucher when buying into a tournament at Venetian which is a decent perk. Their Grand Lux Cafe is arguably the best 24-hour dining option on the Vegas Strip.

This is one of the few poker rooms in Vegas that does not collect an extra rake for jackpot promotions. Depending on one's perspective, this can be a nice quality as one is not opting into buying a lottery ticket every time they pay rake.