To the best of my knowledge, Canadian casinos are 18+. There is limited poker action in Canada, as many Canadian casinos do not have poker rooms. Nevertheless, Hold'em games can still be found.

Cash Casino Calgary
4040 B Blackfoot TR S.E.
Phone: (403) 287-1635
Fax: (403) 243-4812

They spread $4-8 dealer's choice and a Pot-Limit Hold'em game (blinds can be from $1-2 up to $10-20 depending on demand)

Elbow River Inn and Casino (Calgary)
1919 Macleod Tr SE
Toll Free: (800) 661-1463
Phone - Casino: (403) 266-4355
Phone - Poker Room: (403) 206-0252
Fax: (403) 237-5181

This is a fairly small poker room that has consistent action. They have $10-20 Texas Hold'em, a lower limit Hold'em game, a dealer's choice game, and supposedly a pot limit game of some sorts.

Casino ABS (Edmonton)
7055 Argyll Road
Edmonton, Alberta T6C 4A5
Phone: (780) 463 - 9467

This casino spreads a $3-6 Hold'em/Omaha rotation and a low limit Seven Card Stud game. Doors open 9:30 AM.

Palace Casino (Edmonton)
2710, 8882 - 170 street
Edmonton, Alberta T5T 4J2
Phone: (780) 444-2112
Fax: (780) 444-1155

They have a 24 hour poker room, but I do not know which games they spread besides hold'em.

Grand Casino (Vancouver)
725 Marine Drive Southeast
Vancouver, BC
(604) 321-4402

They have some low and middle limit Hold'em games.

Great Canadian Casinos (Vancouver)

Renaissance Downtown: 1133 West Hastings St.
(604) 682-8415

Holiday Inn: 709 West Broadway
(604) 872-5543

They spread Texas Hold'em, but I do not know what type of limits they have.