Poker Movies:

1. The Big Blind
2. The Cincinatti Kid
3. Gremlins
4. Honeymoon in Vegas
5. High Roller
6. Madison Kid
7. Maverick
8. Rounders
9. Shade
10. The Sting

The Big Blind (2003)


Scotty Nguyen .... Scotty Nguyen
Kathy .... Jennifer Harman
Bob Scott .... Ray William Smith
Darrin the Narrator .... Blake Adams
Sly .... Landry Barb
Debbie .... Elizabeth Burr
Queen Mama .... Angela Wright

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This movie is a low budget film about the lives of about a dozen people who play poker at a California cardroom. The movie is set in the 90's and paints a very dreary picture of poker. Most of the characters are either losers or crooks. The movie does not have much of a plot and it is only truly enjoyable to people who have played an extensive amount of brick and mortar poker.

Poker Action

There are numerous scenes that feature poker playing. Since this movie was written and directed by a poker player, the vast majority of the poker scenes are realistic. They are not necessarily entertaining, but at least it won't cause your stomach to wrench likes poker scenes in Shade do.


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