Poker Movies:

1. The Big Blind
2. The Cincinatti Kid
3. Gremlins
4. Honeymoon in Vegas
5. High Roller
6. Madison Kid
7. Maverick
8. Rounders
9. Shade
10. The Sting

Gremlins (1984)


Billy Peltzer .... Zach Galligan
Randall Peltzer .... Hoty Axton
Lynn Peltzer .... Frances Lee McCain
Ruby Deagle .... Polly Holliday
Kate Beringer .... Phoebe Cates

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An inventor buys an odd pet, a Mogwai named Gizmo, for his son, Billy. There are three rules associated with owning a Mogwai, and Billy accidentally violates all of them. This results in his small town being overrun by a vicious mob of Gremlins. The town is left helpless against the Gremlins' onslaught. Only Gizmo, Billy, and his girlfriend can save the day.

Poker Action

Okay, this movie has absolutely nothing to do with poker. However, there's this one scene where the Gremlins are playing poker, and it's just hilarious. I have this gut feeling that with a little training, the head Gremlin could be the next Doyle Brunson.


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