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High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story (2003)


Stu Ungar .... Michael Imperioli
Angela .... Renee Faia
Vincent .... Michael Nouri
Mr. Leo .... Pat Morita
DJ .... Joe La Due

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This movie is about the life of legendary cardplayer, Stu Ungar. According to High Roller, this three-time World Series of Poker champion had a keen ability at both cardplaying and self-destruction. His story is very captivating, and the movie does a pretty good job of covering the life of this colorful player. Parts of the movie are slow, but it is overall enjoyable to see.

Poker Action

There is a fair amount of both poker and gin playing throughout the movie. However, the focus of the movie is not any particular hand or match but Unger's life in general. Therefore, the viewer is simply left with the impression that Unger had a special gift with cards (and a weakness for sports betting).


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