Poker Movies:

1. The Big Blind
2. The Cincinatti Kid
3. Gremlins
4. Honeymoon in Vegas
5. High Roller
6. Madison Kid
7. Maverick
8. Rounders
9. Shade
10. The Sting

Maverick (1994)


Bret Maverick Jr. .... Mel Gibson
Annabelle Bransford .... Jodie Foster
Marshal Zane Cooper .... James Garner

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Bret Maverick (Mel Gibson) is a professional cardplayer traveling to a major poker game. The buyin for this game is $25,000, and Maverick is $3,000 short. During his quest to raise the money for the game, he joins forces with Annabelle Bransford (Jodie Foster). There are many comical scenes as Bret proceeds on his quest to the winner take-all poker tournament.

Poker Action

All of the poker scenes are five card draw. They are not realistic, though I doubt they were meant to be taken seriously anyway. They are fairly humorous. I mean, do you know when you'll magically draw a royal flush?


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