Poker Movies:

1. The Big Blind
2. The Cincinatti Kid
3. Gremlins
4. Honeymoon in Vegas
5. High Roller
6. Madison Kid
7. Maverick
8. Rounders
9. Shade
10. The Sting

Rounders (1998)


Mike McDermott .... Matt Damon
Lester 'Worm' Murphy .... Edward Norton
Teddy KGB .... John Malkovich
Jo .... Gretchen Mol
Abe Petrovsky .... Martin Landau

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Mike McDermott (Matt Damon) stars as a law student who was a former rounder. Mike quits playing poker after he loses his entire bankroll in one hand of high stakes no limit hold'em to Teddy KGB. After his friend Worm (Edward Norton) is released from jail, it becomes apparent that Worm is indebted to Teddy KGB due to former poker loans. Mike takes up Worm's debt and must earn $15k in one week to save him and his friend from the wrath of Teddy KGB.

Poker Action

There is a lot of poker playing throughout the movie. Most of the times it is very realistic, though there are points where we are led to believe that Matt Damon is just some sort of poker deity. In general, the poker playing is enjoyable to watch.


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