Poker Movies:

1. The Big Blind
2. The Cincinatti Kid
3. Gremlins
4. Honeymoon in Vegas
5. High Roller
6. Madison Kid
7. Maverick
8. Rounders
9. Shade
10. The Sting

Shade (2003)


The Dean .... Sylvester Stallone
Charlie Miller .... Gabriel Byrne
Tiffany .... Thandie Newton
Vernon .... Start Townsend
Eve .... Melanie Griffith

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This movie is about a group of card hustlers working in Los Angeles. The plot reaches its climate when a group of three hustlers (Miller, Tiffany, and Vernon) attempt to con "The Dean," a legendary cardplayer.

Poker Action

This movie is NOT a poker movie; it is a movie about con artists. I find it a bit repugnant that they portray poker as simply the means for con artists to work their magic. They make it seem like the skill in poker is conning the other players by cheating. All of the scenes revolve around no limit games that are hardly ever played anymore. They also make a reference to Texas hold'em but of course never show a Texas hold'em hand. They also make a cardinal sin by allowing the players to rebuy during the hands and making it act like their hand is folded if they cannot match another player's bet.


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