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National Council on Problem Gambling Discusses Internet Gambling

, 2006-01-02, by TwoGun

Gambling on the internet is known to have some risk factors that do not exist with casino-based gambling. These risk factors include access by gamblers at any time or date from any geographical location, the inability to verify participant age as effectively as a land-based casino, and the use of credit as means of payment.

Recently, the National Council on Problem Gambling released an article that shed light on the positive effects of internet gambling. Their suggestion is that internet gambling has a higher potential to be regulated than land-based gambling. Examples of this include the ability to limit the amount a player buys in for over an extended period of time, and utilizing the databases of online casinos to track the habits of gamblers.

The Council's article can be found here. Please note that this report is about internet gambling in general and not just poker.

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