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Absolute Poker Announces Winner of 'Design a Skin' Contest

, 2006-01-03, by TwoGun

Ever wanted your online poker table to look like a pirate ship? Now you can thanks to Brent Jones, Absolute Poker's winner of their first 'Design a Skin' contest. A skin is a set of graphics used to build the visuals of an online poker table. Of course, the table functions the exact same as the default poker software. The only thing different are the graphics used to represent the poker table, chairs, cashier button, and background.

Brent's winning skin has pirate swords lying on top of the wooden table. The cashier button is resembled by an overflowing treasure chest. Below the 'Absolute Poker' logo is a skull holding two swords as if to dare someone to have a seat at the poker table.

Absolute Poker offers more skins than any other online poker site. Users of Absolute Poker can chose from more than 50 different skins from which to play poker on. There are holiday skins, themed skins (such as the moon, a football field, a fishing boat), sports team skins, and several "normal" skins with various colors from which to choose.

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