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UK Gambling Bill

, 2004-10-25, by TwoGun

A bill is currently under consideration in the United Kingdom that will liberalize the nation's gambling industry. There are several key, controversial measures in the bill. The most controversial issue surrounds allowing large, Vegas-style casinos. For example, the bill would allow casinos to carry slot-machines that have large, progressive jackpots. The bill would also open up the nation's gambling industry to foreign gambling operators. Some are critical of these measures because they believe it will increase the number of compulsive gamblers and will also benefit American corporations to the detriment of small, British gambling operations and the national lottery. Another portion of the bill will establish guidelines for licensing remote gambling operations (i.e. internet gambling firms). However, this portion of the bill is not nearly as controversial as the part of the bill surrounding the large, Vegas-style casinos.

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