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WPT's 'Invite-Only' Tournaments Will Be Aired on TV

WPT, 2006-02-01, by TwoGun

The Professional Poker Tour (PPT) has been quietly operating for more than a year now. Most casual poker fans are unaware of the tour's existence since its events were not televised. Thanks to a recent deal between the World Poker Tour (WPT) and the Travel Channel, the PPT will soon begin airing.

Combined with Season 4 WPT events, the PPT events will give poker fans 44 weeks out of the year where a new poker final table is being played on the Travel Channel every Wednesday. Two-time bracelet winner Mark Seif will co-host the PPT episodes alongside actor Matt Corboy.

Hoping to appear on a PPT episode? Good luck. All participants of the Professional Poker Tour are just that, professionals. The tour operates on an invite-only basis which means viewers won't see too many unfamiliar faces stemming from internet qualifiers.

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