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PokerStars Big Sunday Tournament Sets Records

Online Tournaments, 2006-02-13, by TwoGun

Two Sundays ago, PokerStars edged out a previous record for the most entrants in their $750,000 Guaranteed $200+$15 buy-in Sunday tournament with around 4,100 entrants. Yesterday, that record was blown out of the water as 5,506 players participated in the internet's largest weekly tournament. This amount of entries resulted in a prize pool well over 1 million dollars.

However, there was a small technical glitch. Up until yesterday, PokerStars' software had default payout templates only for tournaments with 5,000 entrants or less. Yesterday, players had to wait about 3 hours after the tournament began before they could get a peek at the payouts due to the need for PokerStars to quickly create a new payout structure for so many unexpected entrants.

A few things may have contributed to this dramatic increase in entrants. First and foremost, PokerStars began running $10+$1 double-shootout tournaments all throughout the week that give players a chance to qualify for the $215 tournament. Secondly, with the Super Bowl being last Sunday, it is possible that a few hundred die-hard football fans, who would never otherwise play poker during the football games, were able to get back into the poker action now that the season is over.

Yesterday's tournament paid the top 549 finishers. Players "No10No10Ho!" and "lollasen" made a deal when the tournament was 2-handed that resulted in both of them walking away with more than $130,000.

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