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Party Poker Acquires Empire Poker

Business, 2006-02-14, by TwoGun

In October, Party Poker broke away from its former network partners, including Empire Poker. While Party still used the same software as its former network partners, they no longer shared the same tables.

Soon afterwards, most of the former network partners either moved to a new network or were acquired by Party Poker. The one exception was Empire Poker, which was now a stand-alone poker room, though it used the same software as Party Poker.

In December, Empire sued Party Gaming, the company that owns Party Poker, over its decision to divorce itself from its former network partners. The matter has now been resolved out of court. Party Gaming has agreed to buy Empire Poker for 250 million dollars.

It is not clear what Party Poker will do with Empire Poker. Most likely, the two platforms will be reunited again under the Party Poker brand.

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