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Party Poker Improves Software

Online Poker, 2006-02-16, by TwoGun

Party Poker is releasing a new software upgrade that will issue in several major changes to the site's games. The changes include new tournament structure, new lobby appearance, the ability to resize tables, more stakes offered of various games, and a new account feature that allows the same username and password to be used for poker and casino games.

The tournament structure has been revamped for all tournaments played at Party Poker. The blind structures have been changed, and antes have been added to the structure of NL tournaments. Furthermore, the starting chip stack issued to players has been increased in each form of tournament.

Blinds will increase during sit'n'go tournaments every 10 minutes, as opposed to every 10 hands. The tournament payout structure was also changed, and now more players will finish in the money during multi-table tournaments. It appears these changes will improve Party's tournament structure, thus decreasing the element of luck needed to win a poker tournament.

The rather dull Party Poker main lobby has been improved and now looks sleek and modern. New features on the lobby include the ability to search for tournaments using a filter, an interface that displays account information, as well as a box featuring tips from the pros.

New games have also been added to the poker room. Players may now compete for the bad beat jackpot while playing NL hold'em, whereas previously, only limit hold'em was offered in jackpot games. More shorthanded limit hold'em and Omaha games have been added, as well as smaller stakes for beginners. Also, higher stakes are now offered in Stud variants.

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