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Party Poker Makes Large Confiscation

Online Poker, 2006-02-26, by TwoGun

Submitted by: Ozone

Two weeks ago, young online pro JJProdigy won $140,000 in a big tournament at Party Poker. Shortly after his win, a scandal broke loose that JJ had played with more than one account in the tournament. Party Poker's Terms & Conditions clearly state that each person may play on only one account at a time and certainly only one account in each tournament. Furthermore, it goes on to state that using more than one account is grounds for a monetary confiscation. This is exactly what happened to JJProdigy. A total of $180,000 was confiscated from his two accounts, which were closed permanently by Party Poker.

Since the JJProdigy incident, Party Poker has been prompted to investigate other top online pros. On Friday, it became public knowledge that online tournament superstar 'ZeeJustin' was connected in a multi-accounting scandal involving the use of six accounts at Party Poker. Justin had been using all six of these accounts to enter in Party Poker's big Sunday tournament, the same tournament he won $110,000 for second place last October.

In total, Justin had close to $100,000 confiscated from these six accounts, and he was also banned from Party Poker. In a statement released on the internet, Justin showed little repentance for his actions, largely because those extra accounts were created for reasons other than multi-accounting multi-table tournaments. His full statement can be found here.

Justin's intent for putting six accounts into one tournament is not completely clear. Many speculate that he did it simply to increase his expected value while decreasing the high variance involved in multi-table tournaments. Others feel Justin used the multiple accounts in hopes of dumping chips off to his main account if they ever wound up at the same table. In his statement, Justin did admit that there was at least one occasion where two of his accounts wound up at the same tournament table. However, he claims he never colluded even if both accounts happened to be at the same table.

ZeeJustin claims that the main reason for opening the extra accounts was so that players would not be familiar with his playing style in SNG tournaments. He claimed that many players in the high buy-in SNG tournaments knew how he played, so having extra "unknown" accounts would give him a sizeable advantage when playing under those account names.

Since the writing of this article, Lee Jones, the manager of PokerStars, released a statement saying that they conducted their own investigation of ZeeJustin and found he was multi-accounting their multi-table tournaments as well. In December, Justin won $137,000 for finishing first in their big Sunday tournament. All PokerStars accounts in connection with ZeeJustin have also been closed and all funds confiscated. The exact amount of money he had sitting in these accounts has not yet been released. Lee Jones says PokerStars plans to redistribute the confiscated funds directly to the players who were harmed by Justin's illicit actions.

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