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"Grandma Dilemma" Article

The Weekly Shuffle, 2006-02-26, by TwoGun

Recently, a player who goes by the handle ABlackCar won $140,000 during Party Poker's large Sunday $200+$15 tournament. It was later shown that ABlackCar was the second account of a poker pro, JJProdigy. Since JJProdigy also entered the tournament under his JJProdigy handle, he explained that the second account was actually his Grandma's account and that she was the one who was initially playing in the tournament under "ABlackCar."

It was later proven that JJProdigy had been playing the tournament under both account names. Since players are only allowed to have one account at a poker room and are certainly only allowed to enter a multi-table tournament with one account, a controversy has erupted over what the appropriate punishment is for players who break the rules. This week's Weekly Shuffle examines how poker rooms should handle what has been referred to as the "Grandma Dilemma".

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