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Empire Promotions

, 2004-11-03, by TwoGun

Empire Poker currently offers the most promotions that send users to the World Series of Poker in 2005. First, Empire will host a freeroll tournament each month that will send the top top two finishers winning seats to the 2005 WSOP. This will occur near the end of the month and is open to players who played 4000 raked hands or more in a given month. They also have a Tournament Masters promotion. Each month, the top five single-table tournament players and top five multi-table tournament players compete in a single-table tournament. The winner gets a free entry into the 2005 WSOP. Empire will host freerolls for the WSOP for players that are in their VIP club. For more informationa about Empire Poker, check out our Empire Poker Review.

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