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Party Poker Releases Free Poker Trainer

Online Poker, 2006-03-09, by TwoGun

Party Poker is taking a step towards revolutionizing play money internet poker with their new Poker Trainer. The purpose of the trainer is to help those new to the game of poker learn solid poker strategy. Now, rather than having to face maniacal real-life opponents in play money games, computer simulated opponents are available to create a playing atmosphere that more closely resembles a real-money poker game.

This new software is free for anyone to use on Party Poker. The playing experience is fully customizable. One can choose the difficulty level they will encounter against the computer opponents as well as the number of opponents they wish to play. An 'Advisor' function is in place which informs users of the best move to make in each situation.

The artificial intelligence demonstrated by Poker Trainer's computer opponents was developed by four professors from the University of Alberta.

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