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In-Flight Gambling

, 2004-11-08, by TwoGun

The online gambling business has taken off in the United Kingdom and Ireland. As the UK is ironing-out its new gambling bill, Irish firm RyanAir is considering adding in-flight gambling to its flights. RyanAir is a discount airline and does not offer free movies or drinks like many other airlines do. In order to expand its revenue, it is considering adding an entertainment system that will include pay-per-view movies, in-flight gambling, and other features. Just as cruises are able to offer gambling over international waters, RyanAir believes it will be able to offer gambling over international airspace. It is unclear what gambling games will be offered. It seems most likely that sports betting and casino games will be available, while poker may not. RyanAir has not confirmed any potential software providers for their in-flight gambling system. For more information, check out this IGaming News Article.

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