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PokerRoom Releases New "Cannonball" Tournaments

Online Poker, 2006-03-18, by TwoGun

Poker Room has invented a new form of online tournament poker which they have dubbed "Cannonball" tournaments. These tournaments begin with 3 minute long "turbo" blind levels. After six turbo levels, the blind interval increases to 6 minutes. There is just one 6 minute level, after which levels are ran for 12 minutes apiece for the remainder of the tournament.

Currently PokerRoom is running 5 Cannonball tournaments per day. Each of these tournaments feature a $5 buy-in. With the Cannonball blind levels, players who are fortunate enough to build a large stack in the first few levels now no longer have to deal with a high variance all-in fest due to the elongated blinds later in the tournament.

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