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Party Poker Million V Results

Tournaments, 2006-03-19, by TwoGun

The Party Poker Million V took place last week aboard a Caribbean cruise ship. For the first time in its five years of existence, the $10,000 event was played as a no-limit hold'em tournament instead of a limit hold'em tournament. This brought out players in droves, 523 of them to be exact, to battle for the for the one million dollar first place prize.

Georgia resident Mike Schneider was the lucky winner of the huge first place prize. Professional poker player and Vegas resident Kenna "Cowboy" James finished 2nd, which earned him $700,000. Scott Buller took $500,000 back to Nebraska for third. WPT Champ Gavin Smith cashed in 53rd place good for $19,000.

In addition to this being the first year where the game was no limit hold'em, it also marks the first time in three years that this tournament was not a sanctioned WPT event. Previously, the Party Poker Million was the only tournament on the WPT schedule where limit hold'em was the featured game.

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