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Pacific Poker Launches Jackpot Tables

Online Poker, 2006-03-20, by TwoGun

888 Poker recently added two types of jackpot tables to their software, Bad Beat Jackpot and Royal Jackpot. These tables are highlighted in red in the poker lobby. At the Royal Jackpot tables, in order to be eligible to win, players most post a "jackpot ante" of 50 cents at the commencement of each hand. This ante goes into the Royal Jackpot. If a player makes a spade Royal Flush, they win 100% of the eligible jackpot. Any other royal flush earns the player just 10% of the jackpot. A straight flush nets 2% and a four of a kind nets 0.5% of the jackpot.

In addition to the rake, the Bad Beat Jackpot tables remove 50 cents out of every pot to put towards the jackpot. If someone loses a hand with four-of-a-kind 8s or better, the jackpot has been struck. The player with the losing hand wins 50% of the jackpot. The winning player receives 25% of the pot. The remaining 25% is distributed amongst the other players at the table who were dealt cards for that hand.

The progressive jackpot total is displayed near the top of each jackpot table. Before distributing the proceeds of the jackpot, Pacific Poker retains 20% of the jackpot anytime it is struck and uses this money to replenish the jackpot for further gameplay.

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