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Betfair New Member WSOP Freeroll

WSOP, 2006-03-30, by TwoGun

The first of four new-member freerolls to the WSOP will take place at Betfair Poker this Sunday. First place will receive a $15,000 WSOP package. Only 15 players qualified for this tournament, which means the value of having a seat in this tournament is $1,000.

While the time has passed on the opportunity to take advantage of the great value in this freeroll, it should be noted that there are three more freerolls exactly like this one scheduled to take place before July 3rd. In order to qualify for one of these new-member WSOP freerolls, players must create an account at Betfair Poker and accumulate 4,000 MPP's within 30 days of playing their first hand. The cut-off date to accumulate these points is June 25th. Anyone successful in this task will be given entry to one of the three remaining new-member WSOP freerolls.

Due to the huge overlay on the first freeroll, it is likely that more players will qualify for the remaining three. Regardless, even if these tournaments double in popularity, the value of each seat will still be an impressive $500.

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