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Interpoker Arctic Circle Extreme Poker Tournament

Tournaments, 2006-03-31, by TwoGun

To those who think 2002 World Champion Robert Varkonyi hasn't had any poker successes since his famed win, think again. Varkonyi recently won an Extreme Poker Tournament hosted by InterPoker that took place on an ice shelf in the Arctic Sea. Battling Varkonyi was WPT Champion Juha Helppi as well as four other internet qualifiers. Varkonyi had to sell his coat to remain in this tournament, literally.

When a player went bust in this tournament, they had the option of rebuying more chips in exchange for the parka that was protecting them from the dangerously cold temperatures. After an internet qualifier stripped Varkonyi of his stack on just the third hand of the tournament, the World Champ resulted to playing in just a t-shirt in order to chase the title. In doing so, after folding a hand, Varkonyi would run laps around the poker table in order to stave off frostbite long enough to complete the tournament.

Ultimately Varkonyi defeated Helppi heads-up for the win saying afterwards, "Juha really gave me a run for the title, and my hat and coat are off to him."

Future Extreme Poker Tournaments being planned by InterPoker include playing in a sunken ship (requiring players to scuba dive while playing hands), as well as playing 10,000 feet above the ground in an airplane, whereupon losing one's chips entails a skydive back down to earth.

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