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Big Online Tournaments Carry Easter Overlay

Online Tournaments, 2006-04-17, by TwoGun

With many poker players busy enjoying time with their families on Easter Sunday, several major online tournaments failed to reach their guaranteed prize pool yesterday. This is an uncommon occurrence. Each $200+$15 Sunday tournament at Party Poker, PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and Ultimate Bet failed to reach the minimum number of entrants in order to ensure the online site did not have to supplement the prize pool to meet the guarantee.

The most notable overlay of the day was the $80,000 that PokerStars had to contribute to their prize pool in order to meet the guarantee of one million dollars. When this extra value was divided by the number of entrants, it essentially made the tournament vigorish-free, meaning all of the $15 administrative fees that had been collected were simply placed back into the prize pool. The final four players struck a deal in this tournament which left the winner, "adanthar", $111,000 wealthier.

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