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Party Poker Offers A Challenge To Paris Hilton

Celebrities, 2006-04-22, by TwoGun

There have been reports that Paris Hilton recently lost her $178,000 Bentley automobile in a Las Vegas poker game. Now, Party Poker is offering her the chance to win back the lost car by playing Mike Sexton heads-up on their network. "It is a simple deal for the Simple Life star. If she goes heads-up online in a no limit Texas Hold'em challenge against poker legend Mike Sexton and wins we'll hand her the keys to a brand spanking new Bentley," said Warren Lush, spokesman for Party Poker.

It seems that Party Poker is making this a freeroll for the wealthy hotel heiress as it appears she will incur no financial consequences should she lose to bracelet-winner Sexton. Warren Lush said that Party Poker is also prepared to set up a face-to-face showdown if she does not want to play online. How in the world Paris managed to lose a Bentley playing poker is unknown.

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