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Pacific Poker $30-$60 games

, 2004-11-20, by TwoGun

888 Poker has always been known for its relatively soft limit games. Pacific spreads limit holdem games from $.05-$.10 all the way up to $30-$60 now. Quite frankly, the $30-$60 games are amazingly soft. They are basically the same as the $15-$30 games at Pacific Poker. I have been playing these games for several days now and have been very pleased at how loose these games are compared to most $30-$60 games. For instance, at Poker Stars, generally 2-3 people will see the flop at a 10-player $30-$60 game. At Pacific, generally 3-5 people will see the flop. Basically, this shows whether you are playing microlimits of $.05-$.10 or high-stakes games of $30-$60, you can probably find soft games at 888 Poker. For more information about Pacific Poker, check out our Pacific Poker Review.

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