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Poker Room Tournament

, 2004-12-02, by TwoGun

In addition to the buy-in to the tournament, poker rooms will charge an entry fee to tournaments. For example, a $100+$9 tournament means the buyin is $100 and the entry fee is $9. For this tournament, $100 would go to the prize pool and $9 would be kept by the poker room as an entry fee (rake). Poker Room will be hosting a $1000+$0 tournament on January 1, 2005. This means Poker Room will not be charging an entry fee to this tournament.

Also, Poker Room will be adding $50 to the prize pool for every entrant who signs up before December 31. The combination of no entry fee and additional money to the prize pool will make this one of the best values out there for tournaments.

Poker Room will be holding satellites throughout December for this tournament. For more information about Poker Room, check out our Poker Room Review

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