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Titan/Noble Poker $100 Million Freeroll This Weekend

Promotions, 2006-05-16, by TwoGun

Titan Poker and Noble Poker are holding their "$100 Million Jackpot Freeroll" this Sunday, May 21st. The tournament has a guaranteed prize pool of $500,000. The top 200 finishers will receive cash prizes. First place will win $160,000.

The title of this freeroll is quite deceiving. A player will only actually win the $100 million prize if they make a Royal Flush of Spades while playing at the final table of this tournament. The chances of this happening are so small that it would be very irrational of anyone to approach this tournament with the mindset that they could actually win this large amount of money.

However, there are some very nice prizes being awarded for hands as good as four-of-a-kind tens and up. At the final table only, anyone who makes four of a kind tens, jacks, or queens will win $250,000. Four-of-a-kind kings or aces will net a player $500,000. Any straight flush is worth $750,000. Any non-spade Royal Flush is worth a million bucks.

There are qualifiers running at Titan Poker and Noble Poker around the clock to gain entry into the $100 Million Jackpot Freeroll. Anyone who makes their first deposit this week at Titan Poker will receive free entry into at least one qualifier. The final table of the main tournament will be held live at a secret location before the end of this month.

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