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Party Poker Maydaze Promotion

Promotions, 2006-05-19, by TwoGun

Party Poker is giving away at least $100,000 for their new Maydaze promotion. The money is being given away in the form of 500 winning tickets each worth $200. To qualify, players must earn at least 60 PartyPoints this weekend. Having completed that, players are free to buy tickets for the Maydaze cash giveaway. Each ticket costs 100 PartyPoints.

On Wednesday May 24th, Party Poker will choose 500 winning tickets and award each winner with $200 to their account. In the event that someone has two (or more) of their tickets drawn, Party Poker will add an additional $500 to their account. For example, if someone has 2 tickets pulled in this raffle, they will receive $900. There is no limit to the amount of tickets one is allowed to submit for the Maydaze promotion.

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