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Big Sunday Tournaments Feature Reoccurring Name

Online Tournaments, 2006-05-22, by TwoGun

Those in the multi-table tournament community are all too familiar with a player named "Rizen". After taking down multiple 5-digit wins in the past few months, he is widely considered one of the best online MTTers in the world. Yesterday Rizen added to his already stellar reputation by making the final table in two $200+$15 tournaments on different networks.

On Ultimate Bet, Rizen cruised to a 6th place finish (in a field of 800) good for $8,300. Less than two hours after this impressive finish, Rizen found himself playing heads up for at the PokerStars $1 Million Guaranteed. The difference in winnings between first and second in this tournament was $70,490.

Over 5,000 people entered this week's PokerStars $1 million guaranteed. At the final table, Rizen and gardner52 played heads-up for over a half hour without ever once suggesting a deal. Ultimately Rizen won the hard fought match and tacked on a staggering $156,000 to his already impressive daily winnings.

Perhaps most impressive of all is Rizen's 1535th out of 2650 finish in Party Poker's big Sunday tournament. This placing was good for a net win of -$215.

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