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Pricey End-of-the-Month Tourneys Complete

Online Tournaments, 2006-05-29, by TwoGun

The last Sunday of each month marks the day for high buy-in online tournaments. PokerStars featured a $500+$30 tournament with a $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool. More than 2,000 players showed up for this event. In the end the final three players made a deal. "lobojiji" won the tournament and $115,000. At the time the deal was made, "stealthmunk" had a healthy chip lead which left him walking with $170,000 for 2nd place.

Party Poker's $350+$28 tournament failed to reach its guaranteed prize pool of $750,000. With just 2,067 entrants, Party Poker was forced to supplement the prize pool with $26,550. Ultimately a player "Dynamisk" defeated the field for a huge payday.

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