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Online Gambling Now a Felony In Washington State

Law, 2006-06-09, by Mercy

A new law in Washington State just made online gambling illegal. Placing a bet online for poker or any other casino game is now a felony in Washington. Co-sponsor of the bill Senator Karen Keiser claims, "It's very easy for the organized crime element to take over and develop it; whenever you have that it becomes a very dangerous enterprise." Another sponsor of the bill, Senator Margarita Prentice says the bill will protect gamblers from themselves and dishonest gambling operations.

It is unlikely that the state will pursue any individuals who break this law. The state's motive for creating this law is to stop money laundering and online scammers. Even in the event that an individual is convicted of this felony, they would likely not spend more than 90 days in jail. This local Washington news article has more on the topic.

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