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PokerStars Releases Updated Software

Online Poker, 2006-06-13, by TwoGun

Several months ago Party Poker revolutionized the online poker software industry by making several appealing changes to their client. Recently PokerStars followed suit and released an updated software version of their own.

Features on PokerStars' new version include the ability to resize tables and various background themes. Currently there are 5 new themes players can choose from. One makes the table look like outer space. Another makes it appear as a saloon. There is also a feature that allows players to save the manner in which tables are laid out on their monitor. When tables are reopened for another session, the windows position themselves exactly as they have been saved to do.

Most of the new features cater to multi-tablers. By making the software more convenient for multi-table play, it is possible that the games on PokerStars will become slightly harder. However, any difference in competition resulting from these new software changes is apt to be largely negligible.

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