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PokerStars Sunday Million Comes Up Well Short

Online Tournaments, 2006-06-20, by TwoGun

For the second week in a row, the most popular weekly tournament on the internet had an overlay on Sunday. The PokerStars $200+$15 Sunday Million Guaranteed only drew 4,299 entrants on Father's Day. This forced the site to add $140,000 to the prize pool in order to meet the guarantee of one million dollars. A similarly large disparity was seen on Mother's Day.

Since increasing the size of the guaranteed prize pool from $750,000 to $1,000,000, PokerStars has had a handful of problems drawing enough entrants to avoid having to supplement the prize pool. To combat this problem, the site will test out a new format for an upcoming Sunday tournament.

During the July 2nd Sunday Million, users will be allowed one rebuy and one add-on, which should funnel in enough money to cover the prize pool guarantee.

This change in buy-in structure favors sharky players who are willing to spend money for more chips. More chips allow for more maneuvering, which allows for more opportunities to exploit weak players out of their chip stacks.

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