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Prima Network Hosts Largest Hand In History of Online Poker

Online Poker, 2006-06-26, by TwoGun

The Prima Poker network recently hosted the largest hand in the history of online poker. Two players Fast_Freddie (rumored to be Freddy Deeb) and bad IP (rumored to be Norwegian player Johnny Lodden) played a $465,451 pot at a $200/$400 heads-up no-limit hold'em table. Deeb, an eccentric Vegas pro born in Iran, was on the winning end of this pot, holding ace-jack of spades. The board read 7AA5K. Most of the money went in on the turn. Lodden mucked his hand.

The game started out with each buying in for the maximum, $40,000. After 8 hours of play and more than 20 rebuys, close to one million was on the table. When the game ended, Deeb walked away with $700,000 while Lodden sat with $80,000. It should be noted that not all of this was profit for Freddie Deeb. He was stuck several hundred thousand to Lodden earlier in the session, so a reasonable percentage of his huge stack was nothing other than his own money.

The Prima Poker network consists of over a dozen poker rooms, a notable one being PokerTime.

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