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Anti-Online Poker Bill To Be Voted On Wednesday

Law, 2006-07-08, by TwoGun

A bill whose aim is to curtain internet gambling by Americans will most likely be voted upon Wednesday by the U.S. House of Representatives. The proposed legislation will most likely be a combination of two bills proposed by Rep. Jim Leach of Iowa and Rep. Bob Goodlatte of Virginia.

The bill has received much publicity lately since the House Republicans have added internet gambling prohibition as part of their "American Values Agenda."

For the bill to become law, it would need to pass the House as well as the Senate (and be signed by the President) before the Congressional session ends in October. Most speculate that the bill will pass the House but will not have enough time to pass the Senate for it to become law.

A group called the Poker Players Alliance is lobbying against the law on the behalf of poker players.

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