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PokerStars Returns To Freezeout Structure

Online Tournaments, 2006-07-11, by TwoGun

Recently, PokerStars changed its Sunday Million Dollar Guaranteed tournament to a $215 entry, with one rebuy and one add-on being allowed. As discussed in this week's Weekly Shuffle, this had the effect of eliminating the chances of an overlay, as well as increasing the edge professional players had over casual players.

PokerStars has decided to return the Sunday tournament to a standard freezeout beginning July 23. This Sunday, PokerStars is hosting a special tournament that is giving out WSOP Main Event seats. The buy-in this week is $350+$20, and PokerStars is guaranteeing at least 150 WSOP seats. Since each WSOP package is worth $12,000, this means they are guaranteeing a prize pool worth $1.8 million.

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