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Party Poker Monster Promotion

Promotions, 2006-07-26, by TwoGun

Party Poker has launched a new "Monster" promotion, which is a series of freerolls with large prize pools. The freerolls are structured in the following manner:

Weekly $100k freeroll: This will be held 32 times between now and next May. The top 2000 players from each of these freerolls advance to the Monthly $1 million freeroll.

Monthly $1 million freeroll: These will be held on the last Sunday of each month beginning September 24. The top nine players from each of these freerolls qualify for an offline event held three weeks after the freeroll. There will be eight of these $1 million freerolls.

Grand Online Final ($5 mil prize pool or larger): This will be held May 26, 2007. To qualify, players need to be among the top 1000 in one of the monthly $1 million freerolls.

Grand Offline Final: The top players in the Grand Online Final will compete in Rio de Janeiro for the top prizes.

Players can qualify for the entry level Weekly $100k freeroll several ways. If they are dealt in a raked hand in a Monster Jackpot cash game when a jackpot hits, they will win an entry to a weekly freeroll of their choice. Players can also qualify through sit-n-go tournaments, scheduled tournaments, and by accumulating enough party points.

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