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2006 WSOP Event #39: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Championship

WSOP, 2006-08-11, by Ozone

The poker world is about to get very familiar with a 36-year-old television producer from Malibu, California named Jamie Gold. Gold, after holding the chip lead for the final four days of the Main Event, finished the final table off in dominant fashion to win $12,000,000. Gold credits much of his success to his poker mentor Johnny Chan.

A 25 year old Colorado poker pro named Paul Wasicka had the honor of being this year's runner-up. Wasicka won $6.1M for second place. Poker pro Allen Cunningham had to settle for a disappointing fourth place finish which earned him $3.6M.

On the final hand, Wasicka led out for $1.5M on a flop of Q85 after Gold had raised preflop. Gold raised Wasicka all-in. After minutes of deliberation, Wasicka called off his remaining $10M and flipped over TT. Gold dodged Wasicka's two outs with Q9 and was crowned the newest WSOP champion.

After his victory, Gold said, while referring to his family and friends, "we're going to have a really good time with this money."

It will be interesting to observe if PokerStars, endorsement home of the last three Main Event champions, can lure Gold to join their team. Gold was dawning Bodog apparel throughout the tournament.

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